About Us

Skyworks Productions specializes in marketing and promotion for independent musicians and bands.  Some of the services that we provide include:
  • cd cover design
  • promo kits and flyers
  • press releases
  • custom e-mail marketing campaigns
  • website and Facebook profile design
  • special event/cd-release party planning and promotion
  • tour arrangement assistance and promotion
  • show promotion
If you're a nightclub, bar, restaurant, or concert venue seeking top-notch entertainers with a solid following, look no further than Skyworks Productions. We work with only the finest and most professional independent artists.  In addition to providing you with quality entertainment, we help market and promote the artist's appearance AND your venue through custom e-mail marketing campaigns, the distribution of flyers, press announcements, radio interviews, and social media networking.  When you book a band that we recommend, we send out a series of attractive custom e-mail blasts designed with your venue's branding in mind, and include details on the show, the artist's bio, a description and photos of your establishment plus links to your menus and website.  Skyworks Productions is committed to bringing patrons through your doors! 

Looking for a top-notch but affordable live band or DJ for your private event?  Skyworks Productions brings you access to a wide variety of professional bands and DJs for weddings, annivesary parties, corporate functions, and special events.  Whether your taste in music is classic rock and the oldies, country, jazz or hip-hop, we offer an assortment of entertainment options within your budget.  Just let us know what you have in mind and we'll refer you to a band or DJ that's sure to a BIG highlight of your event.

Throughout the year, Skyworks Productions produces a number of multi-act shows that promote and celebrate the art of original music as well as the evolution of human consciousness. Our aim is to bring people together through the power of music and to raise awareness that peace, love, and positive things can happen when bright souls unite and differences are put aside. We believe that music, like a smile, is a universal language that breaks down barriers bringing people together at the heart. Just what we need in these trying and changing times!

Skyworks Productions was created out of a deep love and appreciation of music and with the intention of giving talented, gifted musicians the exposure they deserve while also supporting the local music venues. We work closely and personally with both the artist and venue to create a winning experience for all, and a truly memorable, uplifting show for the audience.

Hope to see you at the next show!

Peace, love, and light,

Skyworks Productions

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