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Bullethead is a band of purity. They exist solely out of their love for music. The band has made its name in Eastern MA, but they are eager to show the rest of the state what they have to offer. And what they have to offer is pure alt. Their music is driven by powerful vocals and a style that harkens back to the music of the '90s. The band freely admits that they are children of the grunge era. Bullethead was formed by Jeff Royds, his brother, and two friends in 1991. The name comes from a bonus track on a Van Halen bootleg. Royds, a bassist at the time, played until the band broke up a few months later. Reformed in 2008 with Royds now singing lead and playing rhythm guitar, the band is a powerhouse when it comes to independent rock. The quartet is rounded out by Rob Talieri on lead guitar and back up vocals, George Moomjian on drums, and Kim Slamin on bass.  Royds and Slamin are the founders of New England Garage Bands, an organization that is dedicated to promoting local bands. Their podcast serves as a 24-hour-a-day radio station exclusively playing the music of bands that have been featured on their site. They understand how hard it can be for a band on the local circuit.